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Isn't it exciting to have your own clothes line? It's now easier than ever before. You can outsource manufacture and sell your products online. You can sell on sites like Amazon and eBay, or through your own website, or even through traditional merchants.

You can start small and build your fashion line at your own time. Ralph Lauren's fashion history began with a few neckties that he personally sold to New York City shops. Phil Knight started working for Nike part-time despite retaining his day job as an accountant. He began selling track and field shoes that he had imported from a Japan sneaker company.

Even if you have zero past experience in the industry, you can start your own clothes company. My friend Rudy Glocker, for example, left a profession in banking to start his own clothing business, Burgeon Outdoor. Rudy specialises in outdoor clothing for the mountainous region where his company is headquartered.

I recommend that you start with simply a few outstanding products for your apparel business. Look for a company who can consistently deliver a high-quality product. Just like any other business, put in some extra effort at beginning by properly organising your firm and your first goods.

Make a comprehensive marketing strategy. Even if you decide to sell on Amazon or eBay, I recommend that you establish your own online presence, which should include a website, an email list, and social networking – which is especially important for apparel. This will help you not only attract new customers, but also build repeat business and positive word of mouth.

Consider renting a booth or a table at a trade show if you want to attract traditional shops. You'll probably want to avoid the major performances, such as Magic, at first in order to secure a spot at the smaller, less expensive shows.

Check out my course Establish-a-Business 101 to discover how to start your own clothing line – or any other business. You can begin watching this course, as well as all other BusinessTown courses, for free.

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